Your website must be more than "pretty" or "classy" in order to be included in the search engines.  Yes, you may have a beautiful website, but is it formatted properly in order for the search engines to even see your website? 

Do you ask yourself why your website is taking so long to load?  We can help speed things up! 

Most web designers are just that . . .  web designers!  Yes they can design a beautiful website, but will it function properly in order to be ranked front page using organic search term in Google, Yahoo & Bing?  We can help.  We will assess your current website and let you  "what's been done right, or what's been done wrong". 

Did you know that if your website is not "responsive" (meaning that it automatically converts to mobile website) that it may not be included in mobile search engines or GPS systems? 

Google is currently crawling websites looking for "the mobility factor".  They are now notifying webmasters to ensure all websites are "mobile friendly", and asking them to "fix" mobility issues. 

We can convert your current website to "responsive" . . . contact us for more details -